Jane Lee 06/03/2016

Ep 1: I'm Starting a Store!

I work at Shopify and I just started a Shopify store selling Shopify things. Sounds pretty crazy, right?!

The truth is, starting a business is tough. I’m learning that the hard way. My store, The Shopify Stockroom, is going to sell gear for entrepreneurs, but getting it off the ground has not been easy.  I've decided to VLOG the whole thing! Watch my intro here. 

From our biggest failures to our most profitable wins, follow along as we build a million dollar ecommerce business.


  • llll3ee@yahoo.com.vn

    Phương Bi
  • Hello you can blue Instagram nice me?

    Gashbeen Fazil
  • Hello you can blue nice Instagram?

    Gashbeen Fazil
  • Hi
    I need a shop to sell my paintings and photos but I don’t have time to do it myself, and I am not good at it. I will pay somebody to do it for me. Can you help?

    maryan grimm
  • hello, i like to tsayed with shopify any moment by business management.

    md.delowaer hossain

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