Jane Lee 07/28/2016

Ep 4: Finding the Perfect Supplier Ain't Easy

Last week I finally chose the name for my store...The Shopify Stockroom (If you didn't get a chance to see that episode click here

I know I missed last week so I made sure I made this vlog MEATY with info!  It was time to start my hunt to find suppliers for my product. In order to reduce costs, I decided to go on alibaba.com and find manufacturers to work with.  Watch me as I source contacts and have skype meetings with my overseas suppliers. 

E-mail me any questions you have about opening up a store: ask.jane@shopify.com. I'm here for you!


From our biggest failures to our most profitable wins, follow along as we build a million dollar ecommerce business.


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  • Great video Jane!
    I would like to see how you address initial investment as your store will need to have different products once it opens and for that you will need your initial stock. Will you do pre-sales? Are you investing on marketing (other than your vlog)?


  • So glad I saw this video! This is exact where I failed with my shopify store a few years ago. I gave up because I was super intimidated of alibaba and how to find a product. I just wish your videos where longer, I am super interested in the process. Thanks for doing this.


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