Jane Lee 08/17/2016

Q&A on How to Start a Store

I gave out my email in my vlog (ask.jane@shopify.com) and told you guys to ask me any questions about opening up an online store. I'm slowly getting through all the emails but wanted to do a quick Q&A video to summarize some of the common questions I've been getting. Excuse all the fruit flies!!! 

Questions that I answer:
1. 0:48 - How do you balance having a store on the side of a full time job?
2. 1:32 - Should I hire a professional designer for my store?
3. 2:36 - Do I need a logo?
4. 3:44 - How do I take proper product shots?
5. 4:47 - Can you please call me? (haha... Emails only folks!)
6. 4:55 - How do you test out your product will sell?
7. 6:35 - Can you give me advice on taxes and legal side of the business?
8. 7:06 - What do I do if I want to sell my Shopify store?
9. 7:56 - How do you market your store?
10. 8:40 - How do I set up a Shopify store?

Thanks guys and keep the questions coming! Email me at ask.jane@shopify.com

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  • Hello, I would like to know if Shopify can integrate a website and domain that is already existing and can Shopify help with the transitioning as well as providing a hosting registrar, and if I can combine dropshipping. products with what I would customize myself.

    Charles Moretti

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