Jane Lee 10/04/2016

Ep 7: How to Use Shopify

Now that I had my products and product shots, I was ready to start my Shopify store! For some, using Shopify is fairly intuitive but I know that other people may have questions around some more advanced features on Shopify!  Drop a comment or email me at ask.jane@shopify.com if you have more questions about setting up your Shopify store! 

From our biggest failures to our most profitable wins, follow along as we build a million dollar ecommerce business.


  • I need blue v to my Instagram @danielaminov2002

  • Jane, l am glad to know about your interest to partner with me to start my store(WealthXchange Store). I had a very great passion and desire about getting the store up and running but met 2 strong walls that stopped me.
    (1) I had no products to sale. Can you assist me get products to display for sale on the store?
    (2) PayPal does not enabled acc punt for receipting payment to my business account with my Bank in my country. Please, is there any other payment options available? What other payment solutions are available for my commission payments after sale had been concluded?
    I am from Nigeria, in West Africa. The most popular black nation, with a population of about 180 million people and big marketing opportunities. American business man who had a lot of investment in my country once said that, if can package anything and drop in Nigeria it will sale with high profit. If we can take advantage of this opportunities before anyone else. The sky will be the limit. Thank you.
    I am waiting your response.

    Edet Edet Atangakak
  • Working together we can do more,better communication we can do more in God’s way

    Chatwell Nkuna

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