Jane Lee 01/16/2017

PIMP MY STORE ft. Furious Pete!

What is Pimp My Store? 

When Jane brings on a YouTuber with a shopify store and gives them tips and tricks!

Here are the tips I gave to Pete:

1. Loyalty Programs:

- Look at your customers and see what is the average time before they come back and purchase something else. Usually this is 3-4months after their first purchase. - Create automated emails that will push towards these customers to remind them to purchase something with a discount code. (this works 90% of the time!)

2. Free E-books:

- Give people a sample of your e book for free ( 1 or 2 pages) PEOPLE LOVE FREE SHIT!
- Make sure in exchange you get their emails so that you can then do email campaigns to get them to purchase other things on your sight
- There is an app on the shopify app store that is called "email before download" that you can download onto your store!

3. Upsell

- Use app Boostsale to upsell products on your site
- Create small keychains, pins or postcard that is something easy to add onto your cart! Something small and can fit into the parcel that you are already using.

4. Newsletters:

- Twice a week is standard to send out
- Best times to send emails: Tues-Thurs at noon
- Make sure that it says it's from "Pete" so that it is much more personalized
- Titles: You are super good at making titles for your YouTube videos so I would say stick to making the title in your tone of voice, short and make them curious about what you are talking about. Adding emojis in your email topic also helps a lot.
- You can also personalize your "confirmed order" and "shipping detail" email through shopify. This is also where you can take advantage of new products or sale deals.

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