Jane Lee 07/14/2016

Ep 3: What Do I Call My Store?

Last week I chose what products to sell on The Shopify Stockroom (If you didn't get a chance to see that episode click here)

It’s the third week and I’ve been spending the majority of my time trying to think of the perfect name for my store. It took me a while but the “eureka” moment came to me at an odd hour. Watch my 3rd episode at stockroom.shopify.com and don’t forget to share & like :)

E-mail me any questions you have about opening up a store: ask.jane@shopify.com. I'm here for you!

From our biggest failures to our most profitable wins, follow along as we build a million dollar ecommerce business.

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  • Hi! This is Amanda and I was thinking that you no what, I want to start and online clothing line! But this thing is, I have all these great names to call the store but all of them are taken!? ? How can I get the name I want when it’s already taken?

    Amanda Moore

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