10x: The Entrepreneur's Journal

10x: The Entrepreneur's Journal

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Are you ready to go after your goals?

Whether you're starting a new business or growing your existing start-up, you'll need to set goals for yourself and find a way to achieve them.

Instead of struggling to come up with your own goal tracking system or to-do list, use 10x: The Entrepreneur’s Journal— a proven tool that moves your business forward by helping you focus, prioritize and reflect.


How It Works

Use the 10x Journal every day to build and grow a profitable business you can be proud of.

1. Daily Objectives

Start each morning by identifying tactical objectives for the day that align with your strategic objective.  At the end of each day, look back at what you accomplished, what you learned and what you want to follow-up on tomorrow.

Use the daily confidence scale as a way to quantify how you feel about your progress; it’s a great way to track sentiment over time. Aligning your strategy and tactics can help you set goals for the future while remaining focused on the task at hand. 

2. Reflect and Plan

Every 10 days, you will be prompted to reflect on your activity and identify strategic objectives for the coming days. These are more high-level goals that you won’t complete in a day such as, “launch online store.”

During your strategic planning, you might identify new goals, alter existing ones, or just stay on course with your current strategy. During this time, you will also identify what you can do more of, less of, or start doing in order to move your business forward.

While it’s up to you to figure out what needs to be done, your 10x Journal can help you do it better!

- Linen wrap cover 
- 5.11 x 7.08
- 229 pages (One year journal) 
- Rounded corners 
- Elastic 
- Premium lynx opaque pages 
- Green ribbon 
- Designed and made in Canada!

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